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ICCS Medical Division

...the care we give your doctor's office

Everyone wants to live and work in a clean and sanitary environment. That is why a lot of businesses opt to contract with Interstate Contract Cleaning Services to assure themselves and their employees of such an atmosphere.

If we expect to work in conditions that are so clean and pristine, what do we presume we are going to find when we go to our doctor's office or an Urgent Care for medical treatment? We anticipate our doctor's office to be cleaner than our work place and much safer when it comes to being free of germs and bacteria.

ICCS specializes in the cleaning and disinfecting of medical facilities and we do everything we can to keep down the transfer of bacteria such as Staphylococcus and tuberculosis. Our janitorial staff is trained to disinfect high traffic touch areas every night to help stop the spreading of the rhinovirus and the viruses that cause influenza. ICCS uses chemicals that are made to kill these bacteria and viruses, and we also use disinfectant sprays that eliminate salmonella and many types of fungi.

Our janitorial staff is trained in blood-borne pathogens to protect themselves from the HIV and Hepatitis B viruses or any disease transmitted through bodily fluids. They are taught how to clean up hazardous spills and dispose of them properly to protect anyone that may come in contact with the area of the spill. Our project managers carry blood-borne pathogens kits in their vehicles for emergencies in case one should arise while inspecting a building.

We at Interstate Contract Cleaning Services try to take particular care of your building to keep down colds, flu, and diseases, similar to the way your doctor takes care of you. That is the very reason that you should choose us to give your facility the medical cleaning and care that it needs to stay healthy.