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You Deserve Quality Cleaning. CleanTelligent Helps You Get It.

Get Immediate

  • Within seconds, submit a request directly to ICCS from your computer
  • CleanTelligent immediately notifies all accountable personnel
  • You receive attention and a response to your request

Know What’s
Going On

  • Get notified of requests made by others in your company
  • Track requests, issues and response times
  • Have access to the entire message history
  • Attachments to store location records keep MSDS, training tools, and product info quickly available

Provided to ICCS customers at no charge

  • We customize Cleantelligent to your facility
  • View inspection results based on your exact contract specifications
  • Easily compile a graphical analysis of our performance

"CleanTelligent is a natural, user-friendly program."

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