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ICCS Green...The Future in Janitorial Services

Enhance building and lease value

Buildings are a part of our daily lives. We live, work, and play in them. In fact, people spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors. Buildings also have a significant impact on our environment, economy, health and productivity.

Did you know?

  • Poor indoor air quality costs the U.S. economy $168 billion each year.
  • Indoor air can be 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor air, which is why occupation asthma is on the rise.

How does Green cleaning help?

  • Improve occupant health.
  • Improve occupant productivity and morale.
  • Reduce tenant turnover.
  • Enhance building and lease value.

You probably know that "Green" cleaning your facility makes sense. But why should you choose Interstate Contract Cleaning Services?

The benefits of the ICCS' approach to "Green" cleaning are numerous:

1. Individualized "Green" cleaning programs. We take the time to assess the needs of your facility, and any special requirements of the building occupants, and then determine a "Green" cleaning program that makes sense.
2. Proper training of the janitorial staff is critical to ensure a successful implementation. Our staff is trained thoroughly on how to utilize the "Green" products properly.
3. We can show you how to earn points towards LEED certification.
4. Experience. We currently provide "Green" cleaning to 15 facilities. This number continues to grow daily.

Environmental Sustainability Statement:

ICCS’s goal of the High Performance Cleaning Program and Environmental Policy is to provide high quality cleaning services while utilizing products and procedures which reduce the exposure of building occupants and personnel to potentially hazardous chemicals that adversely affect the indoor air quality and occupant well-being. This goal is reached by practicing environmentally preferable practices utilizing high quality products and chemicals that are able to maximize the cleanliness of the building while simultaneously minimizing potentially hazardous conditions.

All products that are to be utilized by ICCS are continually audited by management in order to ensure that we are using the highest quality and lowest impact precuts that are feasible for creating the maximized cleanliness for the environment. By utilizing products that maximize the on-site chemical mixing strategies, ICCS is able to reduce the number of deliveries to each site to replenish supplies while reducing excess waste created by one-time-use packaged materials. By reducing the number of supply replenishment deliveries, ICCS is able to reduce the pollution created by delivering supplies to each site as compared to higher frequency deliveries of ready to use, one time use products. All chemical concentrate bottles and the packaging which they are shipped in are recyclable. These strategies combined allow for ICCS to minimize pollution prevention.